Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tutorial - Dollhouse Shipping Box...and packing peanuts!

This is a short but cute tutorial.  Make a Priority mail box and packing peanuts (yes! mini packing peanuts!).  

To make the box:
Download the pdf file with the graphics.  You will need a printer that can print on the front AND back side of the paper.  The box lining (brown with "Priority mail" printed all over it) should line up with the front graphic.

    Here is the pdf link: Box Priority Mail with Brown back.pdf

Print it on heavy paper - like business card type or very lightweight card stock.  There are three boxes on the page.  Next to the box, near the margin is a shipping label you can use.  Or you can try to minimize your own address for a label (if you can get Microsoft Word to print in 4 point font - that's about right size).

Once printed, don't cut out yet.  First use the black lines to score fold lines.  I use the BACK of an X-acto knife blade to GENTLY score all across the box connecting the lines - side to side and top to bottom.

Now cut out on orange line, cutting off the orange.  The "Priority Mail graphic (white side) should form the sides of the box.  The flaps are to be the top and bottom of the box.  Fold on the crease lines and glue the flap under the last side to make the square.  Trim the bottom flaps, if desired, so the box sits flat.
Cut out the shipping label and glue to one of the top flaps.

To make packing peanuts:
You will need white craft foam - the kind used for kids' crafts (about 1/8th inch thick or thinner)
Straight edge (metal is best)
X-acto knife with sharp blade
small 'alligator' clips
hair dryer

Line the straight edge up against one edge of the foam (see photo below) and cut a strip only about 1/16th inch thick.  Cut long strips.  Wrap the strips around toothpicks and secure with clips.  Heat with hair dryer just long enough that they stay coiled.  Once cool, cut tiny curls off to look like packing peanuts.

I found some very tiny ziplock bags but I can't remember where.  I put a few peanuts into a bag.  Try these boxes on your dollhouse porch for that 'lived in' look!  Or, more appropriately - scatter a few on the dining table (where I always open my boxes!!).  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


  1. TY very cute!! love this idea also if you go to Etsy there are many mini boxes mini Amazon, UPS and US Priority envelopes ect

  2. Great tutorial Kendra! Thank you

  3. Love those little packing chips! - Thank you.

  4. You're so clever and the packing peanuts are ingenious!