Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Christmas Market Stall – Electrical Pt 1

The market stall is small but sort of deep and dark with the roof on.  If I was going to fill it with hand made things I wanted to be able to see them.  Some sort of lighting was needed.    I ended up using a 10 light LED string set that came from Ikea (but I don’t think they sell these any more).  I decided to put most of them under the back shelves and the remaining 4 would be installed in the ceiling.
Market Stall with Shelf Lights Installed

I marked six dots under the top 2 shelves and drilled holes to fit 6 of the lights in.  

All the wires would now show on the outside of the stall so I will have to hide them somehow.

The remaining 4 lights will go in the ceiling.  I drilled 4 holes in the roof for the ceiling lights.

 To hide the roof wiring, the original ceiling will now become a false roof.  I cut balsa scraps about ¼ inch thick and glued them all around the perimeter of the roof to provide a space for the ceiling wires.  I will cover this later.

Back to the back wall wiring – To hide the wires poking out of the back wall I made a box about 7/8 inch deep.  It had angled sides to fit under the roof overhang.  Here I am marking the angle of the roofline on the side pieces.

Here are the three pieces of 1/16 inch basswood I cut to make the box:

I had to have access to the battery pack so I cut a little door in the box.  More on that in the next blog.

Because the wood is so thin I had to reinforce the inside corners with blocks of balsa :

Here is how the false wall box will attach to the back, to look kind of like a shed protruding from the outside back wall:

Back to the roof – I drilled a 5th hole (see bottom of photo below) to allow the wire to run from the outside back wall up to the roof.  The 5th hole and wire going through it will be covered by the false back and false roof:

I taped all the wires down with duct tape so I could attach the false back and roof :

More on the finished roof and false back in a later blog!!  I’m so tired of all this construction that has to be done!  I want to get to the cute stuff inside!  Blog u later!