Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Guys from Texas Room - More Tutorials - Vases removable Christmas Filler

This is a continuation of a recent project I'm calling "Guys from Texas Room Box".  I wanted strong colors - not my normal color scheme (pinks, pastels, etc).  But because it has such a prominent fireplace it had to be used for hanging stockings.  So my compromise was to make it Christmas sometimes!  So I made removable Christmas decorations.  Last blog I described the greenery sprays.  This blog I describe some vases or urns with removable fillers.

The porcelain vases were made by Ron Benson.

Here is how I made the removable fillers:
To make the decorations removable, I lined the vases with Saran Wrap.  I filled the bottoms with glue and silver beads.  I added sprigs cut from faux pine needles to the center of the beads and a couple of sprigs of the pine needles with glitter berries (previous blog).  I left the filling in the vases until they dried so they would keep the correct shape.  When dry I trimmed off all the excess Saran Wrap.



The key to making these look nice is using varying sizes of silver beads, including tiny ones, and filling in any visible bead holes with silver glitter.  Here is what they look like when removed from the vases (glue was not entirely dry when photo was taken):

Christmas Tree – This was just a purchased brush tree.  I coated the bristles with glue and ‘flocked’ it with railroad loose greenery.  You can find how to make many of the ornaments as well as the wreath hanging above the fireplace in my earlier blogs here.  Most of the round ones are just pearl beads with colored glitter dots (to look like those old fashioned ‘indent’ ornaments).

Some of the other items in the room:
Etched mirror by Arjen Spinhoven (Etsy)
Lamps -  Brooke Tucker (White Foo Dog possible future blog)
Chest by Neil Bateson
Black & White Staffordshire Dogs (on shelves) by Le Chateau
Crystal Christmas tree figurine on shelves – Iris Arc
Santa Candlesticks – artist unknown
Blue birdcage – the Kummerows
Brass Foo Dogs – artist unknown (Ebay from China)
Turned wood lidded vases – artist unknown

Glitter nativity in faux walnut shell – Kathy Christensen
Chairs by JBM Miniatures (recovered in new fabric)
Crocheted Christmas “thread dolls” – by Carrol Baker (Ebay)
Black Lacquer Worktable with painted scene by S & W Golland
Snowman Stocking – worked by me using kit by C.J. Originals
Blue “Snowy Village” stocking worked by me using kit by Janet Granger
Red velour stocking with bear - unknown
Painting above fireplace – Lyn Trenary (framing – future blog)
Ornament Wreath Tutorial - from my earlier blog here

I still have some more planned projects for this room – some sconces for above the fireplace and I also plan to finish the “foo dog” lamps and maybe change the beige wall color.  Maybe I will get it done for next Christmas??