Friday, April 27, 2012

Tom Bishop Chicago International Show

Tom Bishop Chicago International Show (April 2012)Wow! What fun! I took classes from Geoff Wonnacott and Diane Almeyda. Spent way too much. Many wonderful items to be had.

Loved the dollhouse from Michael Walton:

Class Project (below) - I made this George I walnut chest c. 1725 in a class taught by Geoff Wonnacott.  Cabinet is made of walnut and drawers of cherry.  We put walnut veneer on top and front of all drawers (using Super Glue!!) and routed the edges of top and drawers then added strips of featherbanding (top) and more walnut veneer (around edge of drawer fronts). I never sanded so much in my life!  But drawers fit perfectly!  Can't believe I made this (of course he cut out all the pieces!!)  We used a jig saw to cut the shapes of the feet (4 pieces of walnut laminated together so we cut all 4 feet at once). It took a couple hours to put on the hardware but he had some interesting methods for doing it perfectly.  Great Class!

Show purchases: 
Cats, dog by Bridget McCarty, Rug by Ilisha Helfman.

Tiny cupcake in dome by My Little House (Marina Serna Box)

Tiny Doll and basket with knitted clothes  & Knitting on needles by Helen Davies

Button pictures by Ilisha Helfman

Braided rug by Ilisha Helfman

Dog picture, child's suitcase and tiny house by Veronique Lux