Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Miniature Kitchen Faucet Tutorial for the Dollhouse


This is a simple project.  Some of the supplies are not common but if you can find them this is a simple and pretty realistic kitchen faucet.  This was designed for a miniature “tiny house” project.  That may sound redundant (miniature tiny house…) – but it is a 1:12 scale Tiny House, like on all those HGTV shows.  I hope to share more tutorials from the Tiny House in upcoming blog posts.

  • Thick aluminum beading wire, about 2mm in diameter or 12 gauge– jewelry wire (found at a bead store)
  • Metal crimp bead, about 2.5 mm (should fit over the thick wire)
  • Cone shaped bead, about ½ inch tall, that has a hole big enough for the thick wire to pass through (might also be able to use cone shaped cord end caps)
  • Plastic cylinder bead, “perler” type bead.
  • Rhinestone Sequin pins  – Look for these at Hobby Lobby where you find the sequins.
  • Silver spray paint (Rustoleum “Aluminum” finish was used)

Tools & Glue:
  • Wire cutters
  • Ruler
  • X-Acto Knife
  • metal file (round “rat tail” file or square file)
  • Clear bead glue (GS Hypo Cement or E6000)

Cut a piece of the thick wire about 3-1/2 inches long.  Bend one end around something round – such as the small end of an X-Acto knife or a paint brush handle – to make the neck of the faucet an appropriate size.
The “base” of the faucet is a cone shaped bead.  You will put both the faucet (wire) AND the “handle” (plastic sequin pin) down into the hole as in the photo.  I had to use a metal file to sort of ‘carve’ a little groove in the side of the cone bead hole so the sequin pin would fit in.


Check to see if the Perler bead will show when inserted over the BOTTOM of the wire up inside the cone.  If it shows, cut it in half with an X-Acto knife.  Slide it over the thick wire and push it up into the cone then glue in.  This is just to keep the wire centered inside the cone.  It shouldn’t show on the outside.  Glue the "handle" (sequin pin) near the top of the cone, at the side of the faucet.

Add crimp bead as spout

Left - unpainted; Right - painted
On the curved ‘spout’ slide a metal crimp bead to just cover the cut off end of the wire.  If necessary, use the metal file to smooth the cut off end so it will slide on.  Glue on with bead glue.
When dry, spray paint the entire thing silver.  The extra wire at the bottom will go through a hole drilled in your counter top to hold the faucet steady.

Bonus!  Want to know what that sink is made of?  It is a candy tray from Sponge Bob gummy “Krabby Patty” candies.  Look for them at Halloween and Easter at the dollar stores, Walmart and HEB (Texas Grocery stores).  After Halloween you can get a pack of 18 for $1.  Be sure to wash the candy tray out well and dry it then spray with Aluminum paint.  I sprayed the OUTSIDE of the tray.

Above is the "kitchenette" for the tiny house with the faucet and sink.  Hope to share some more tiny house projects in future blogs.