Monday, February 28, 2022

Dealing with Deep-angled Dollhouse Attic Walls

If you have a dollhouse with a roofline that angles all the way to the floor, for instance an upper floor or attic you might have the problem I have had – how to furnish those deep angled walls?  These angled walls present a few decorating problems:

  1. the angled wall is slightly taller than any side walls so wallpaper has to be a little taller.
  2. Placing furniture in that low angle made by the roof – this area is mostly unusable space
  3. Window treatments – since the wall is angled, any curtains would fall away from the wall and hand straight down.

 Here are the ways I have dealt with these problems in my third floor ‘attic’ space.  

Girls bedroom – for this space I pushed the bed all the way into the tiny dormer so it had a little more room for the headboard.  Then I made built-in drawers fitted around the bed.  

Here is the room without the furniture.  Notice wallpaper starts about ½ inch above floor; gap is covered by built-ins (so if your wallpaper is too short for the roof wall this is one way to disguise that).

Built-in drawers (green) across wall on either side of the bed.

Here is a close-up of the left drawer section. Notice the angle of the back edge of the built-in where it fits into the angle of the roof/wall. To make these built-ins you have to use trial and error to get the right angle.

Front of built-ins with drawers.

Back of built-in. The built-ins came to a point at the back and were pushed all the way into the angled wall.  I used some scrap wood to support the drawers.
For the curtains for this room, I used the headboard to keep them against the wall so they wouldn’t fall forward.

Playroom – this room is still under construction but I did something similar to the girls bedroom.  Instead of drawers I made open shelves.

The sides had the deep angle and fit all the way into the wall.  But I put a false back behind the shelves so toys wouldn’t push back too far.  Also this area behind the false back hid some wiring in the area.

For window treatments in this room I did a simple curved shade with tassels that fit into the dormer.

Well there are my solutions.  I still have a third room on this floor to come up with angle wall solutions for.  Anyone else solved this problem with a creative solution?  I’m interested in your suggestions.