Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tutorial - Mini Shop Price Tags

This is a short blog as promised (last year!), to tell how I made the little price tags for the antique shop.  The photo below pretty much shows it all but here are the main points:

  1. Start with cream or off-white paper (looks more aged).  Draw a line with pencil 3/8” along one edge.  Clip into the line, crossing over it, to make little tabs about  3/16th inch wide each.  You can use a little aging stamp ("Shadow Ink") around the corners if desired.
  2. Rivets – Put a silver dot at the top of each tab (I used a silver metallic Sharpie pen).  Then poke a thick needle in the center of the silver dot to finish the rivet.
  3. Clip off the flaps.  On each flap, clip two corners at an angle as shown by the rivet.  Mark the price with a very fine pen (I used Sharpie PEN  - not marker - fine point).
  4. With red sewing thread tie the tag onto an item.  I make a small loose knot then stick a needle in the knot to slide it close to the item before I remove the needle and tighten the knot.  Trim threads close to the knot.
  5. I didn't put a price tag on every item because it would be time consuming.