Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shabby Chic /Flea Market "Paris" Candlesticks

Here is a mini-tutorial to make a candlestick decorated in the shabby Chic (now more like flea market style).  You will need:

Metal Eiffel Tower charm, about 1 inch tall
Index card
Antiquing glaze (I used Folk Art brand Antiquing Medium)
Small flower or snowflake shaped paper punches (see photo below for the ones I purchased)
Piece of soft craft foam and ball stylus
Wire cutters, glue, paintbrush

Antiquing Glaze Medium

First cut the ring off the charm.  

Cut out one or two flowers from index card using the punch.  Use the craft foam and ball stylus to form the flowers into a “cup” shape.

Three styles are shown in the photo above.  You can use one or two aimed up or down.  When aimed up they can be used as a candle cup to hold the candle.  

Glue the flowers to the top of the charm and let dry well. Paint with pastel paint.  I antiqued mine with antiquing glaze.  You just paint it on then wipe it off.  See the difference in these photos.

Well, this was a short one!  Hope you liked this Mini-tutorial!  Here is another look at how these are displayed in my Linen Shop. 


  1. La idea es muy original y el resultado genial.
    Un saludo

  2. These candlesticks have turned out wonderful. Real charming miniatures.