Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some Christmas Pretties

I am about to update the photos at the side of my blog since the Christmas theme items have been there for a while.  But if I remove them I realized they can't be seen again unless I put them in a blog post.  So I decided to create this blog post for future retrieval.   These are all 1:12 scale.  Enjoy!

 (above) A collection of Christmas trees, wreaths and jars of ornaments I made back in 2012.  Some were sold on Ebay (I don't sell very often - just when I need to fund a trip or event).  The ornaments are ones described in an earlier blog here.

(above) A Christmas skirted table in silver, red and white theme made back in 2012 and sold on Ebay.

Another tree, wreath with "Mackenzie-Childs" theme.  The nutcracker is a painted metal miniature.  See the tree top ornament - it is made to look like the Mackenzie-Childs double gourd style tree topper and is made from a plastic bead (with painted checkers), a T-pin for the point and another gold tube bead.  I make the bows using a small block of wood with two nails as a bowmaker. Here is a close up:

Since this is June, I guess my blog readers are getting a little Christmas in June.

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  1. Your Christmas trees are all gorgeous. The table and display is beautiful. I am glad that you showed these items even if it is June :D
    Hugs Maria