Friday, August 9, 2013

Vintage Market Stall - Ornament Garland

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this.  The stall has been completed and was exhibited at Texas Miniature Showcase in Dallas, May 2013.  Here are some more photos and “How-tos” for some of the decorations.

I needed a sign for my market stall.  I wanted something that didn’t look manufactured (like it came from those ‘Dept 56’ Christmas Villages).  I decided on a hanging garland of vintage looking ornaments – just card cutouts.

Most of the supplies used: index card, scraps of Christmas wrap, some tiny gold bead garland (you can find this on Ebay), gold scrapbook letters, snowflake nail stickers, a half inch circle paper punch.  Plus your basic tools (scissors, X-acto knife, Crafter’s Ultimate glue.

I sketched the shapes and sizes I wanted to use and compared them to the letter stickers to make sure the stickers would fit.  I cut the shapes first out of a folded piece of paper as a pattern.   I glued gift wrap to index card (on both sides).  I then cut ornament shapes from the double sided index card. I used a small ½” paper punch for the round ornament.  The others were cut using patterns.

I used tiny strips cut from silver paper doily on the tops of the ornaments to attach them to the  beaded garland (also served as an ornament cap).  When I attached the ornaments, I didn’t actually glue them to the garland, instead I glued the strip of silver to the back of the ornament.  I wanted them to swing freely and to be able to adjust how close they were to each other.

To attach the letters, I had to use an X-acto to position them.  I also had to darken the glitter letters a little because they didn’t show very well.  I just used a little diluted brown paint.

I attached the sign (garland) by drilling small holes and threading the plastic bead garland through eye pins pushed through a bead cap into the holes.

Finished Garland sign.    Next time some of the candy!

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