Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mackenzie-Childs Inspired Dollhouse Miniatures

Inspired by Mackenzie-Childs
miniature wreath, Christmas tree

Christmas table with Boutonniere runner

Close up of Boutonniere Theme table

Miniature table with Holly Berry napkins, tablecloth

Close up showing napkins, napkin rings,
hanging double drop ornament

Full Size Holly Berry tablecloth and topper
(Original From Neiman Marcus)

Mini version Holly Berry stocking

Mackenzie-Childs own lovely Stocking

Miniatures inspired by Courtly Check canisters, plates

Mini hutch with Courtly Check inspired
canisters, plates


  1. Your miniatures are wonderfully detailed, cheerful, and joyfully colorful!! You do very nice work and very successfully capture M-C's eclectic style. I am just starting to learn to make minis and am looking forward to trying your tutorials, thank you for posting them!!!!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. Good luck with trying tutorials. Don't get discouraged if things seem too complicated at first. I never include photos of the bad tries that I throw away!