Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dome Project - Silk Bolster Cushion Tutorial

Almost done with the Dome project.  I have another group of related projects that I am excited to start when I have wrapped this up.   Below is a tutorial on making the silk bolster cushion on the couch.  Next blog I will describe how I made the 1/144 scale dollhouse in the window behind the loveseat.

This project involves a little hand sewing (but not much!).  You will need:
  • Small piece of aquarium tube 1/4” diameter by 1-1/8” long.
  • 2 Piece of flannel or white felt, about 1-1/2” by 2-1/2” long for padding
  • Fabric scrap, about 2” by 4”
  • Ribbon for bows, thread, needle
  • Fine needle-type glue dispenser/applicator with Sobo fabric glue or Crafter’s Pick Ultimate.
  • Scissors
  1. Roll the flannel around the tube.  Overlap and secure with overcast stitches.  Trim off even with ends of tube.

  2. Make a glued hem by folding up one short end of cover fabric and securing with a fine line of glue.  Roll the fabric around the tube starting with the raw edge (unhemmed) and ending with the hemmed edge on top.  Glue the hemmed edge down.

  3. With needle and thread, run a gathering stitch around one end, just beyond the end of the tube.  Do the same on the other end.  Pull the thread gathering the excess fabric.  Poke it into the tube with the end of a paintbrush.  You can tie off the threads and secure with a little glue.  It shouldn’t show once you have covered the ends with a ribbon bow. 

  4. Make a bow with multiple loops.  I use myBitty Bow bowmaker (see link in the sidebar) to make a 6 loop bow.
    The ribbon used here is hand dyed, from “Trenway Silks” which I purchased at a local Austin needlework store (or maybe it was Dallas?).  The color is “Pink Peony”.   I love the hand dyed ribbons - they give a nice, variegated color. 
  5. In this last photo you can see how I assure my ribbon tails don’t fray. 
    I put a little glue on my finger and just brush the forked tails across it.  If using Crafter’s Pick Ultimate glue, I rarely see any discoloration or staining of the ribbon with glue spots.  To shape the bows so the tails face down I just pinch the loops in the direction of "gravity", so they all "fall" nicely toward one direction.  Do this while the glue is damp.  You might have to hold them in place for a minute or two.

Well, that was a short one!  One more installment then on to the next project!


  1. Beautifully and Cleanly done! Your little bolster is lovely and I also like the way you've finished the ends with your billowing silk ribbon bows- Perfection!! :D

  2. This is such a great way to make bolster pillows and I Love your bows! Thanks so much for sharing, and I am looking forward to the 144th house post!