Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Vintage Christmas Market Stall – Electrical Pt 2

Finishing the false wall and hinged battery door.

Battery Door - in the last blog I mentioned a door I made in the back wall extension to provide access to the battery pack for the lights.  Here is how I finished it.   I cut the door opening in the flat back wall BEFORE assembling the box.  After painting the false wall section to match the rest of the structure, I added hinges.

I made a sliding latch from scraps of trim wood to keep the door closed.

After trial fitting the wiring cover with the door closed I realized it needed to be reinforced around the opening to prevent the door from pushing in too far.  I cut scrap wood and glued around the back side of the door opening then painted it to match.

For the top of the roof, I cut a piece of white shirt cardboard to cover the balsa and be the outer roof.  I decided on cardboard because the wires still poked up a little past the balsa spacers so I needed something more flexible than wood.  Photo below shows clamping the shirt cardboard after gluing over the spacers to enclose the ceiling wiring.

On to the Glitter House Village! (see next blog on village!).  

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