Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vintage Christmas Market Stall - Backdrop

I attended a NAME Day event in July and the project was a market stall.  I'm writing for the next few blogs about this project.  All the structure pieces were provided at the workshop event.  The project was designed by members of the Mini Endeavors club of Fort Worth who also hosted the event.  Here is the structure after I got it partially assembled and painted:
 I didn't paint the entire back because I wanted to cover it with a graphic (saved lots of paint by leaving that bare spot, didn't I?).  The pieces laying on the roof (white wood square) are two side roof supports with holes drilled for dowels that go across the top (under the roof) and can be used to hang ornaments, decorations, etc.

Here is the Christmas card I wanted to use as the background, like a backdrop behind the shelves.  My theme is Vintage Christmas and I plan to use the "Shiny Brite" ornaments and 1950s style Christmas decorations to fill the stall.  I chose the paint color so I could match the Christmas card.

I used "YES" glue (yes it is old and brown but still works fine).  I spread it with an old credit card.

I used a brayer to smooth the card down to the back of the stall. (All the mess you see below the project is miniatures displayed under the glass that covers an antique door which is my workbench)

Here is the stall with the backdrop in place.  Next time I will show how to make a skirt to go across the back under the lowest shelf.

Thanks for looking!

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